UX kit for WordPress

Faster. Stronger. Gutenberg.

Meet Johannes, the first opensource wireframe kit that will help you for your next WordPress design project.


most usefull native blocks


components in Figma


styles pre-established


hero templates


pattern variations


sample templates

Made for WordPress designers

Work faster than ever

This opensource kit, suitable for projects of all shapes and sizes, is ideal for creating smooth and attractive WordPress designs while saving time.

Dive into a library of ready-to-use components and focus on what really matters: creating great-looking and efficient WordPress interfaces.

Built for WordPress users

Your design already adapted to Gutenberg

Make a simple distinction between native components, templates or blocks that require custom development, and anticipate additional development at the design stage.

WordPress lovers, you won’t be lost: Johannes includes the updates of WordPress 6.2 and the components are already stored like in Gutenberg.

Elegant, neutral and flexible wireframes

Perfect grid and spacing rules easy-to-use

Designed for desktop and mobile devices

Functionnal components with autolayout & properties

Designed for teamwork

Integrate the WordPress philosophy into your design process

Whether you’re a freelancer, an agency or a company, you know how important it is to engage the whole team in the same direction to create beautiful interfaces on WordPress.

Thanks to Johannes, the WordPress interface is integrated right from the wireframe phase: an opportunity to easily get UX, UI, design, content and technical teams in the same boat early in the process. Magic, isn’t it?

Design with Johannes now

The first UX kit to create wireframes for the WordPress editor

Need a training for your intern design team ? Contact us.

Updates and feedback

Johannes is a solution to integrate WordPress at the design stage, and save valuable time with this template kit.

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